Bassett 4 Parsons Chairs: Sale Price: $999.00 + Delivery

Original price was: $3,780.00.Current price is: $999.00.

Bassett’s set of 4 vintage-inspired Parsons chairs in Sandstone Maple finish. Elegant, sophisticated, and crafted for comfort. Originally $945 each, now on clearance for a total of $999.


Bassett 4 Parsons Chairs

The Bassett set of 4 stylish Parsons chairs is a piece of vintage charm crafted in Sandstone Maple finish. As an epitome of elegance and sophistication, these chairs ensure comfort with an ideal HEIGHT OVER ALL of 42.5″, WIDTH OVER ALL of 20″, and DEPTH OVER ALL of 26″. Originally priced at $945.00 each, these high-quality chairs are now available at a combined clearance price of $999.00. This pricing reflects our desire to make room for new stock, providing a unique opportunity for customers to acquire top-tier products at a significantly reduced price.